New update for version 2.9

The new version of the Atlantis MOTO App is now available. This new version includes a lot of changes. Although many of them may not be visible, they all aim to improve the user experience by correcting some errors and increasing system security. We continue working on adding new enhancements and features to future releases, thanking your input as users to enhance and expand your satisfaction, experience and needs.

Here are the changes you will find in this new version of the Atlantis MOTO App:

Changes in the management of the communication method *

We have made a significant change in the management of the communication method, adding a new Mode. This new Mode, which we have named ONLINE MODE, allows direct and continuous connection with your motorcycle device through data communication *. This new Mode adds faster communication with your motorcycle device via the Internet, thus avoiding the use of SMS to enable or disable any accessory and/or adjust the different sensors of the device. The use of this new method of communication increases the internal consumption of the device installed on your motorcycle, so it is advisable to use it only if you use your motorcycle on a regular basis.

The method of communication via SMS that allows the “0” consumption of battery with the motorcycle stopped, is maintained. It is now SAVE MODE. This method, as the name implies, is the best if the bike has to be idle for long periods of time in order to avoid discharging the motorcycle’s battery as much as possible.

With any of the communication methods, the system will continue to warn of any alarm or sensor activation that occurs, directly on your mobile.

You can switch from one mode to another whenever you need it and/or depending on the use: regular or sporadic.

To switch from one mode to another safely, make the change with the motorcycle in a place with GSM coverage and with the contact key in the ON position.

New layers of Map

We have added the following layers to the Map window:

Traffic Layer: This layer colours the map based on the traffic flow of the main roads as follows:

Green: No traffic delays (no colour in iOS version)

Orange: There is more traffic density, there may be slow traffic.

Red: There are traffic jam, the darker the red tone, the higher the jam is.

Traffic Incident Icons: Displays icons where there are incidents (iOS version only)

Relief Layer: This layer represents the relief of the terrain **

Delete Events

We have added the option to clear any of the alert logs that appear on the Events tab. To do this, just swipe left the record we want to delete. An information window will appear to confirm the action. Click “OK” to permanently delete the record. This action cannot be undone and the data will disappear from the profile of your motorcycle.

Corrections and/or improvements in compatibility

In addition to the new features mentioned above, we have also made the following changes:

We have fixed some compatibility bugs with different models of Android system phones.

We have optimized Dark Mode for iOS.

New icon

Due to the current situation produced by COVID-19 that has completely altered our social life, depriving us of group routes, hangouts with friends, motorcycle community events and even world sports competitions on two wheels, we have modified our icon to show visibly our appreciation of everyone who works front-line with the virus every day so that we can feel more secure at home helping to keep the pandemic from spreading. Our pilot gets off the bike, it will not be forever, because in Atlantis MOTO we work so that the motorcycle and the pilot are always connected. And our/your icon wants to represent it. It will be until the situation is normalized and we can ride our bikes again.

We have also added to the App’s home screen, the new icon image, and under the #stayhome social media tags. Just as the application icon will be modified when the current situation is normalized.

New brand typography

Atlantis MOTO, renews its brand typology to completely unify it

* Not available for Atlantis MOTO GO!

** Only available on Android device version

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