Much more than a GPS tracker on your motorcycle

Atlantis Moto is an innovative mobility solution with its own software engineering created to enrich the user’s experience.

Moto amb GPS


These devices are specifically designed for use in motorcycles. Its innovative technology and design allow ultra-low consumption when the motorcycle is stopped. You will not have to worry about the battery of your motorcycle, you can have the motorcycle protected and stop during long seasons, ready to go on roll. In addition, the Atlantis Moto application will warn you when the battery of your motorcycle is low-loaded, as it has an internal safety battery.

Locate and follow your motorcycle in real time
Share your position in real time in a group
Check your trips and view the routes
Sensor anti-jamer
solució innovadora de mobilitat
App mòbil Atlantis Moto​

Mobile App Atlantis Moto

Security is in your hands

With Atlantis Moto App you can configure as many alerts as you want and you will receive
Real-time notifications of the status of your motorcycle.

app mobil atlantis moto

Connect with yours

  • Share your passion
  • Make community
  • Visualitza els teus recorreguts
  • Share your location
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